<tc>3/9 Launch of charity-type jewelry brand "ONE" produced by Hori, a Japanese creator</tc>

Maya Kaneko Jewelry+

Maya Kaneko Jewelry + "Raw incense" made from Bali herbs


This incense is an incense made by blending natural herbs according to ancient Balinese documents.

The scent is not a light and gentle scent, but a scent that makes you feel the strength of medicinal herbs peculiar to Bali.

It resembles the scent of a little sweet clove cigarette when you land in Bali.

In Bali, it is called DUPA BASAH (wet incense)

Each one is "raw incense" rolled by hand

Please use it not only for everyday use, but also for special occasions such as purifying jewelry and refreshing your feelings.

Red: Blissful

Blue: Sacred temple

Incense time: Approximately 1 hour

Contents: 12

(Size length is about 14 cm. Length including stick)

In my opinion, blue has a more subdued scent,

Red feels more exotic.