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MIKATA-SUNBATH collaboration Christmas jewelry Lotus silver wire work necklace


MIKATA-SUNBATH Christmas jewelry 2021

[Made to order] Orders accepted: 11/23 ~ 11/30 Shipping time: Scheduled around 12/20 * If orders are flooded due to unexpected reactions, we will ship them sequentially by around January 10. I'll enjoy having this. Please understand.

A silver wire necklace with a lotus motif.

Using traditional Balinese techniques, the moment of flowering of lotus flowers is expressed with fine silver wires and small silver grains.

I hope you can feel the dynamism of life like the joy when a flower opens for the first time.

Lotus flowers are flowers born from the mud.

The world is in such an era now, but I hope to go beyond that and make big beautiful flowers bloom.

Chain length: 42cm

Material: Silver 925 Gold-plated one is 18-karat gold plated on it

Price: Silver 9500 yen Gold-plated 10500 yen

This item is reversible.

The same pattern is drawn on the top of the lotus part even if it is turned inside out.

(The back side was not closed in the sample used for the live distribution of the person who traveled to Bali, but the items to be delivered have the same pattern on the front and back, and we will deliver it in a more satisfying form. I'm sorry)