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MIKATA-SUNBATH collaboration Christmas jewelry ring 3 pcs set


MIKATA-SUNBATH Christmas jewelry 2021

[Made to order] Orders accepted: 11/23 ~ 11/30 Shipping time: Scheduled around 12/20 * If orders are flooded due to unexpected reactions, we will ship them sequentially by around January 10. I'll enjoy having this. Please understand.

Larimar, moonstone, and a simple ring made only of very easy-to-use bullion.

You can wear it with just one piece, or you can wear it with your favorite items.

The surface of the ring containing natural stone is textured to give it a sparkle and shine.

* All natural stones have different facial expressions. In particular, Larimar is a stone characterized by white and light blue marble, so please understand that there are differences in the appearance of colors / patterns.

Material: Silver 925 Gold-plated 18-karat gold-plated Larimar Moonstone

Price: Silver 11500 yen Gold-plated 12700 yen (Price for a set of 3)