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Maya Kaneko : Jewelry & Art

SUNBATH Dream Inspiration Silver Ring A set of 5 colored stone rings for customers selected by designer MAYA


[Order period] October 10th to October 17th

[Delivery time] This item may take up to 1 week from order reception to delivery.

[Material] Silver 925 Natural stone

Maya Kaneko Jewelry + designer Shinya Kaneko is a set of 5 rings that is inspired by each customer.

You can choose only from the customer information at the time of ordering, but if you like, please send us a photo that you can understand, or let us know the SNS account etc. where you can see the photo.

* Please contact mayakaneko.jewelry gmail.com (please change the ☆ mark to @) by EMAIL, or if you know it, please contact Shinya Kaneko's SNS directly. ..

* It is okay to enter your SNS account, etc. in the "Remarks" column that is displayed when you insert the product cart.

* If you have any special wishes when selecting a set of 5 pieces, please fill in the "Remarks" column.

Example) I already have a pearl ring, so please do not put it in.

Example) I like blue stones, so I want you to add one blue one. Etc.

What I felt when choosing a ring for customers

We will send it together as a message.

* The boxed ring in the photo is an example of a set of five.

The impression will change considerably just by changing the stones you choose, one or two.

We will choose your own set.
I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of set will arrive.

A very delicate ring.

If the ring you normally wear is wider than this design,
choose a size one size smaller than that ring. I recommend it.

* High quality silver is used and produced in Turk, a historic silversmith village in Bali.

[How to store gold-plated products]

We will explain how to use and store it so that you can enjoy the brilliance of gold for as long as possible.

  1. After use, gently wipe off sweat and sebum with a soft cloth.
  2. When storing, put it in a closed container to prevent oxidation by air, so you can enjoy a longer and more beautiful color.
  3. Please use it without touching water or chemicals as much as possible.

Gold-plated or platinum-colored rhodium-finished products may cause the surface finish to come off, so do not wipe with a polishing cloth containing abrasives.