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Maya Kaneko Jewelry+

SUNBATH Jewelry [1 item] Space stone, labradorite necklace gold


Material: Silver 925 K18 gold-plated labradorite

Length: Basic 42cm + Adjuster chain 5 cm (The image is attached at the longest part of the chain)

Oh -A stone that has the beauty of containing the light of Lola.

The mysterious brilliance of labradorite is said to have dwelled from the planets of the galaxy, and is said to have the wisdom of the universe.

It is said to be a stone that enhances spirituality and leads to a more "own path".

* High quality silver is used and produced in Turk, a historic silversmith village in Bali.

[How to store gold-plated products]

We will explain how to use and store it so that you can enjoy the brilliance of gold for as long as possible.

  1. After use, gently wipe off sweat and sebum with a soft cloth.
  2. When storing, put it in a closed container to prevent oxidation by air, so you can enjoy a longer and more beautiful color.
  3. Please use it without touching water or chemicals as much as possible.

Gold-plated or platinum-colored rhodium-finished products may cause the surface finish to come off, so do not wipe with a polishing cloth containing abrasives.