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[Limited 5 pieces] MIKATA-SUNBATH collaboration Christmas jewelry Larimar necklace


MIKATA-SUNBATH Christmas jewelry 2021

[Made to order] Order acceptance: 11/23 ~ 11/30 Shipping time: Scheduled around 12/20 * If orders are flooded due to unexpected response, until around January 10 We will ship to you one by one. Please understand.

* Limited to 5 pieces Larimar Necklace, a stone of love and peace *

This is a lariette type necklace with the world's three largest healing stones, Larimar , lowered to the top.

This is attached to a round ring through the top of Larimar.

I think it's easier to put on than a necklace with normal metal fittings.

Larimar with white and light blue marble reminiscent of the sea. The silver wire edging on the side of the stone is

It has a very beautiful finish that exudes delicacy and luxury.

* All natural stones have different facial expressions. Please note that there are differences in the appearance of colors / patterns in Larimar.

Chain length: 42cm

Material: Silver 925

Price: Silver 13800 yen

* If you would like gold plating, please contact mayakaneko.jewelry ☆ gmail.com after the purchase procedure (please change ☆ to @ and send an email). We accept gold plating for an additional 1000 yen.

Since I could only get 5 stones of the same type, it is limited to 5 stones.

If you wish, please order as soon as possible.