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Maya Kaneko Jewelry+

Maya Kaneko Jewelry Bangle "Simple but significant" Bangle "Simple but significant" Silver Iolite

Material: 925 silver iolite
Place of production: Bali, Indonesia

Simple but
has its own style
This is a series that I designed because I wanted to make such jewelry.

Make it simple, but significant.
Make it simple, but significant.

This is one of the maxims of design
I really like this word.

I believe that "sophistication" resides in style and simplicity.

Size: Inside width approx. 5.6 cm, height approx. 4.5 cm
See the image for details

*The photo is of the gold eyelight bracelet from the same series.

*We use the highest quality silver from Turuk village in Bali, which is famous for its silverwork.
(It has been well-received that metal allergies are less likely to occur. However, please understand that there are individual differences in allergic reactions.)

[How to store silver products]

For accessories that are used infrequently, Store them in a zippered plastic bag. Avoid contact with air to prevent discoloration. Also, wiping with a soft cloth after wearing it on a regular basis will help prevent darkening.

[How to store gold-plated products]

In order to enjoy the brilliance of gold as long as possible, we will explain how to use and store it.

  1. After use, gently wipe off sweat and sebum with a soft cloth.
  2. If you store it in an airtight container, you can prevent it from being oxidized by the air, so you can enjoy the beautiful color for a longer time.
  3. Please avoid contact with water and chemicals as much as possible.

Do not use an abrasive polishing cloth on gold-plated or platinum-colored rhodium-finished products, as this may cause the surface finish to come off.