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Maya Kaneko Jewelry+

iha इह "Flower of Light" Gold Ring Large


Material: Brass plated with gold

The iha इह series, which is a masterpiece of Maya Kaneko.

HEALING ring that powerfully heals the energy of mind and body, "iha इह This is the flower of light"

"The energy released from all life is hand and hand
A wave of white light that draws a large flower of light. "

It is a geometry that shows the origin of the universe, and
is the only art in the world that all living things work together to create. Is the thought and thought of iha.

The inside is engraved with "iha इह".
iha is a Sanskrit word for "here and now".
This is a message to always return to your present.

The price is the price of one bottle.

The smallest size No. 7 and the largest size No. 19 are taken side by side.
I think that the image will change a little depending on the size, so please refer to it.

* If you wear brass for a long time, your skin may turn blue, but please be assured that it is not harmful to your body.
* This product is manufactured using brass because of its good energy conduction to the body.