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Maya Kaneko Jewelry+

iha इह This is a flower of light [one off] Chrysoprase HEALING necklace Gold


Material: Silver 925 Chrysoprase Length: 45 cm

Chrysoprase with an impressive bluish green and brown gradation

Also, I used this stone because I liked the feeling of depth in the transparent part.

Chrysoprase heals the depression,

A healing gemstone that relieves negative emotions.

And it helps to bring out the hidden talent.

By using the divine geometric pattern of iha इह on the base of the stone

Designed to bring out the power of power stones even more.

* High quality silver is used and produced in Turk, a historic silversmith village in Bali.

[How to store silver accessories ]

Silver products should be wiped with a cloth for accessories after use so that they do not come in contact with the air as much as possible, and stored in a small zipper bag to significantly reduce darkening.

* Most of the causes of darkening of silver are due to sulfurization.
If you leave silver accessories in the air without storing them properly, they will react to even a small amount of sulfur in the air and discolor. Also, if you place a sulfur-containing material near you or touch it with sulfur, darkening will progress. For example, those containing sulfur, which promotes sulfurization in daily life, are also contained in foods such as cosmetics, detergents, rubber products, and onions. In addition, the degree of discoloration varies depending on the constitution of the person who takes the medicine regularly and the person who wears it.

[How to store gold-plated products]

We will explain how to use and store it so that you can enjoy the brilliance of gold for as long as possible.

  1. After use, gently wipe off sweat and sebum with a soft cloth.
  2. When storing, put it in a closed container to prevent oxidation by air, so you can enjoy a longer and more beautiful color.
  3. Please use it without touching water or chemicals as much as possible.

Gold-plated or platinum-colored rhodium-finished products may cause the surface finish to come off, so do not wipe with a polishing cloth containing abrasives.