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Maya Kaneko Jewelry+

Maya Kaneko Jewelry Earrings "Simple but significant" Gold - Black Spinel

Material: 925 silver K18 gold plated black spinel

Place of production: Bali, Indonesia

Simple but
has its own style
This is a series that I designed because I wanted to make such jewelry.

Make it simple, but significant.
Make it simple, but significant.

This is one of the maxims of design
I really like that word.

I believe that "sophistication" resides in style and simplicity.

Delicate yet assertive and bright.

These earrings will make your outline stand out.

Size: Inside width approx. 5.6 cm, height approx. 4.5 cm
See the image for details

*The photo shows the gold/white topaz, silver/black spinel earrings from the same series.

*We use the highest quality silver from Turuk village in Bali, which is famous for its silver work.
(It has been well received that it does not cause metal allergies. However, please understand that there are individual differences in allergic reactions.)