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About ONE Philosophy


[Genderless jewelry brand  -ONE- for a new era born from Bali]


A jewelry brand based on the spirit of charity, founded by Hori, Japanese creator living in Bali.

This jewelry is produced on the premise that 10% of sales will be donated to the designated charity for each item.


In a world where neighbors are suffering, no one can find true happiness

Connecting the world with compassion and creating a world where everyone can laugh together



ONE Project Representative Yuki Horikiri (commonly known as Hori)

 バリ島旅行のみかた ホリ

Lives in Bali, Indonesia


Management of Bali's largest media "Bali Travel Guide"



From Hori below

"This project is not just about selling jewelry made in Bali

It's a fight against the absurdity that's spreading in the world


The world is too absurd, irrational, violent and one-way for humans to live in.

In 2023, the evolution of civilization will certainly make life more convenient, and with just a few taps on your smartphone, you will have hot rice at your fingertips.

But some things are lost in exchange for convenience Compassion, care, love...

The reason why humans are human is the presence or absence of such humanity

Starting this brand to make humans more human "


ONE Project Design  & Production   Maya Kaneko


PT. ART FOR EARTH representative

Maya Kaneko Jewelry + Management Jewelry Designer

  • 2000 Jewelery Design Competition sponsored by Signity, World Facet Asia Oceania Category Winner
  • 2001 Diploma Level 2 of the Jewelry Design Test


Below is from Maya Kaneko


"First of all, I am very happy to be involved in a project like this.


Nowadays, in this kind of blessed era

Ironically, many people seem to have lost their purpose in life.

Some people are in pain even if they are healthy and financially blessed,

Some people are desperately trying to live without even having "health" or "minimum security of life."


I think that "they are doing their best in the absence"


Move our hearts, evoke a sense of life,

I feel like you are an existence with such a big, gentle soul that shows you important guidelines.

No matter how blessed we are materially

If you stop showing affection from yourself, you will become unable to move.


Sometimes, even your own suffering can be saved by saving someone other than yourself.


I hope this project will create a big circle of love


May it be a place of important thoughts for everyone involved "



*We interviewed all ONE donation recipients in advance and confirmed that they will use donations in line with ONE's philosophy. has become a group

* 10% of product sales will be donated to each organization. If we receive a donation on top of the product price, we will deliver all the additional amount to the relevant organization.

(In the case of card payment, the amount will be the amount after deducting the card fee)

*It is also possible to accept individual donations. Please apply from the special page dedicated to donations. Donation reception page → https://mayakaneko.com/products/one-dn-yka


ONE product list

ONE Silver Collection → https://mayakaneko.com/collections/one-silver-collection(Click here)