<tc>3/9 Launch of charity-type jewelry brand "ONE" produced by Hori, a Japanese creator</tc>

Maya Kaneko Jewelry+

ONE First Collection [ONE]-Bangle *build-to-order

S(14cm) ¥24200
M(15.5cm) ¥25000
L(17cm) ¥25800

ONE is a jewelry brand founded for charity

10% of the purchase price will be donated to a group supporting childhood cancer in Bali.


[Donation destination for this item↓]

Yayasan Peduli Kanker Anak Bali

Yayasan Peduli Kanker Anak Bali (YPKABALI) – (Bali Care For Cancer Kids Foundation)

TEL→(0361) 221235


Instagramhttps://instagram.com/ypak_bali?igshid =YmMyMTA2M2Y=



*All donations selected in addition to the product price will be donated to the support recipient.



  ONE First Collection [ONE]-Bangle

The first bangle of "ONE - ORIENT NEW ERA" produced by Hori, a Japanese creator living in Bali


Material: Silver 925

Place of production: Bali, Indonesia

* Made-to-order product * Scheduled to ship in early May

The first sale of this product will be accepted for 2 weeks from the announcement of the start of sales during the live broadcast on March 9, 2023 until the end of sales announcement during the live broadcast on March 23, 2023. We are Production will start after receiving the order, and the product will be shipped early May

◯Purchase bonus for the first order
Bali Charm:One gift for each customer who purchases 10,000 yen or more from ONE product!
☆★Free shipping for purchases over 30,000 yen★☆


・Produced in Celuk, a silverware town in Bali, Indonesia We use the highest quality silver from Bali

・This bangle is all handmade by Balinese craftsmen, and the engraved letters are all handmade.


Actual size (length of the silver part of the bangle)

S about 14cm¥24,200

M about 15.5 cm ¥ 25,000

L about 17cm¥25,800


Size selection example

・Bali travel guide Hori (male) Wrist circumference 17 cm -

 M or  L size

・Designer Shinya Kaneko (female)

Wrist circumference 14 cm - S



How to measure the circumference of the wrist Measure the length of the string wrapped around the wrist once)


*Since this product is all handmade, the placement and orientation of the engraved characters may vary slightly. Please be aware of the quality of handmade products.






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