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Maya Kaneko : Jewelry & Art

SUNBATH earthshine silver moonstone earrings


Material: Silver 925 Moonstone (3mm)

Earrings diameter 1.1cm

Moonstone earrings from the earthshine series

Earthlight (Chikyusho, English: earthshine ) means that the dark part of the moon is illuminated by the earth. It is a phenomenon that looks slightly bright.

The part that is shining slightly in the reflection of the earth, is now dark, but cannot be seen.

The part that I think is dark is also

Now it exists as a complement to the shining side

And when the light hits, the part that has the power to become a light source as the moon.

Supports the surroundings without being noticeable,

The beauty of something that shines gently and gracefully

This series was designed with the hope that it could be expressed.

* High quality silver is used and produced in Turk, a historic silversmith village in Bali.