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Jewelry Designer --MAYA KANEKO

Maya Kaneko
Born in 1981 in Japan
Bali-based jewelry designer
Maya Kaneko Jewelry + / SUNBATH Jewelry Owner
    • 2000 Selected for the Jewelry Design Competition World Facet Asia Oceania category sponsored by Signity
    • 2001 Jewelery Design Certification Diploma Level 2 acquisition
    • 2010 SUNBATH Jewelry Ubud store opened (until March 2022)
    • 2015 SUNBATH Jewelry Seminyak Village store opened
    • 2022 Maya Kaneko Jewelry + Canggu store opened
Healer constitution with deep ties to the invisible world
Probably because of that, I am good at capturing invisible things (light, wind, sound, etc.) and creating them in design
From Maya Kaneko
"Women are strong, weak, delicate, bold, fragile and sturdy.
Tears and light coexist in any woman.

I like to see the light in her heart inside the woman.
I wanted to express that light, so I started jewelry design.
Be sure to touch the jewelry,
I hope you can feel the beautiful light in yourself.